Thursday, August 04, 2005

Arriving to Gaborone (Aug 1)

After dealing with airline strikes, a 12-hour layover in London, a lost boarding pass, belligerent passengers, and a 44 hr door-to-door travel time, it was an enormous relief to finally arrive at the (very small) Gaborone International Airport. Flying into the city, my first impression was that there were a lot of cows around the airport and not many buildings. Esther and Andy (my temporary roommates) let me park my bags in the apartment before driving me over to meet everyone at BHP and then to buy sheets and groceries- it was a relief to see a familiar Pick n’ Pay grocery store as well as a Woolworths! I have already received lots of advice on must see places and am planning all sorts of exciting trips- of course only after working long, hard hours. I was also surprised to find out how warm the winter is- it makes me wonder about the summer. This week will mostly be settling in, meeting people, and visiting the clinics before (hopefully) starting work next week.


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