Friday, April 01, 2005

Weekend Run

Pirates Cove Pacific Coast Trail Run: 18.6 miles and 4000 ft elevation- 4:07 hrs of muddy, rocky hills and poorly indicated sign-posts. It's probably the most beautiful run that exists, with splendid views of the Pacific Ocean, the Bay, San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. Fortunately, the views are what I'm going to remember, but my shoes that used to be white and now are brown coated with mud and my still aching quads remind me that there was more to it than that! Despite the poor trail markings (which made me go about a 1/2 mile off course), I give Pacific Coast Trail Runs credit for their tasty salted potatoes and gummi bears at the aid stations- it was hard to tear myself away from the rest stops! This run will definitely be on the "to do" list for the future, when I'll have forgotten about the sinking mud, grueling hills, and disgusting bugs. Already almost a week has passed and I'm telling myself that really, it wasn't that bad. Sure, my foot got stuck in the mud and my socks were completely soaked, but how many people have actually looked *down* on the Golden Gate bridge?