Friday, August 12, 2005

Running in Gaborone (Aug 12)

Running is possible in Gaborone, and fun! It's a little like cross-country running - avoiding combis, running in sand and dust, over broken sidewalks, getting lost. And except for the occasional speeding car, it’s been very safe. Chris (my Mom) is brave and goes running by herself at 5:30 in the morning! I don’t go until 6:15 when the first rays of sun come out. Apparently, though, there were several others out at 5:30. There was even a woman lying in the middle of the road - my mom first thought that she was injured and needed help, but it turned out that the woman was just doing her daily sit-ups in the middle of the road!


Anonymous Geoff said...

Running sounds manageable and safe there, presumably not like Johannesburg, which is too large of a city. Did you bring some trail shoes so you can handle all the mud and dirt, as well as stabilizie your ankles against shifting terrain?

How about some photos of you both in jogging gear (and maybe the apartment)?

4:19 PM  

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