Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mashatu Game Reserve (Sept 2-4)

Mashatu Game Reserve is located about 5 hours northeast of here along the Botswana-South Africa-Zimbabwe borders. It's a beautiful lodge, but unfortunately the area is experiencing a drought. Exept for flying car parts and not finding a gas station for a while (I learned that unleaded cars can, in fact, use leaded gas with no problem), our trip was relaxing.

My favorite animal of all time- the warthog!

The everpresent livestock crossing the road. Almost as dangerous as the flying car parts.

A convenient means of transport. Written on the cart was "Nissan Herdyard"...

Chris the photographer.

The Mashatu tree (the only green tree now standing).

A Cactus

The Sunsets


Anonymous Danielle Buys said...

Congratulations to Chris the photographer ! Tes photos sont superbes ! J'ai placé le Mashatu Tree comme élément d'arrière plan de mon écran d'ordinateur. J'ai aussi beaucoup apprécié ton diaporama sur la Namibie, je le regarde souvent !
Salut Mélissa ! Félicitations pour tout ce que tu entreprends et réussis ainsi que pour ton blog que je prends plaisir à lire régulièrement.
Chris, as-tu reçu le mail que je t'ai envoyé dernièrement ?
Dis-moi STP avec quel appareil numérique tu travailles car le piqué de tes photos est extraordinaire. Cela ajouté à ton talent de photographe... Oh la là, quel résultat !
Je suis sur le point d'acheter un appareil numérique et j'attends tes conseils avant de m'engager.
Cela me ferait vraiment plaisir de te lire.
Je vous embrasse très fort toutes les deux.
Amitiés de Frans et d'Emilie.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Geoff said...


beautiful photos. My compliments to the photographers, as well.

One note about using leaded fuel in a car designed for unleaded gasoline. This will ruin the catalytic converter that reduces emissions of noxious agents. Definitely do not try this at home or with your own car if you can help it.
The reason people switched from leaded to unleaded is because of the health and environmental risks of lead in emissions. This switch was made possible when the catalytic converter was invented in 1973, so lead was no longer necessary to ensure complete combustion of noxious agents. However, the downside of this is that leaded gasoline will ruin the catalytic converter!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Camilla said...

Dear Melissa,

How fun to hear about your travels seeing the animals in the game preserve. That's what I love most about Africa, the wild animals. What was the comment about car parts flying about? Is this your car or a rented car? What parts were flying? How is Chris adjusting to life in Botswana?

We've been plannng a celebration to honor Geoff's paper being accepted for publication in The Journal of Virology. He and Ben ran a half marathon in Chicago and Andrew flew to Chicago to watch and lend moral support. They will run the Chicago Marathon on October 9.

Keep the messages and photos coming. It is so fun to share these experiences with you.

Camilla Nova and Sophie are so cute. Sophie loves to bounce up and down. George's sister, Marilyn, is visiting and we all went out to dinner, including Sophie, who was a model of good behavior, to our amazement. George III just bought a wonderful home on 17th Street in San Francisco, not far from Sarah's new home. Our love to Chris.

Email me if you have any questions: mismis@well.com


2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lire le blog en entier, pretty good

11:50 PM  

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