Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Okavango Delta (Sept 28-Oct 2)

A whole lot greener than Gabs! The best part: I get resident rates (>50% off).

Mombo Camp (Sept 28-Sept 30): Herds and herds of animals! This is an amazing camp situated on the northern part of Chief’s Island in the Moremi Game Reserve. Chris and I got lucky as two people canceled at the last minute, and as the rest of the camp was a group, we also got a private guide. Highlights: Tracking a leopard for 2 hours during the morning hours as it marked its territory, photographing a pride of 19 lions with their cubs, lunch next to the hippo pool, a lion hunt, elephants outside our balcony, an exceptional guide, and the outdoor shower.

Vumbura Plains Camp (Sept 30-Oct 2): Not as much game here but the camp has an excellent pastry chef. Highlights: A relaxing boat ride along the channels of the Delta, a pride of lions post-hunt, a walk through the African brush, a baboon lounging on our outdoor couch, and of course the warthogs running with their tails up (my favorite!). Also memorable was when we forgot our passports, wallets, and plane tickets in the room safe and had to make Air Botswana wait while someone sped back to camp to get them.


Baobab: note the size of the person in front!

A young male leopard marking its territory

Learning to drive a monster of a 4x4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice photoes. Leopard must already had his dinner!
Who is that erotic girl behind you with her finger pointing up.

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps she is giving an "Indian Love Call" sign.

Here I am, Mum.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Livingston said...

Sir, surely you must be mistaken.
She's showing, "An African Love Call".

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your text like "Buffalo eyes in the dark", seems to indicate that there are more photoes showing.
Where are they????

1:31 AM  
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